You imagine it. We build it.

Eloy Construction


ECI partners with tenants, franchisee construction and building developers to capture space requirements, layouts and finishes. We work together as a team and collaborate in order to minimize costs while at same time provide a fun, clean, open and welcoming space

ECI works with many architects to ensure designs are within code, norms and regulations. Our long term business relationships helps our customers obtain the most economical design in which they can attain their dream

Eloy Construction

Architectural Drawings

ECI contracts directly with Architects to complete all drawings. We have the capability to provide “Design Built” solutions.  Projects on a time sensitive or time crunch a Design Built solution might be the fastest option.

ECI works directly with tenants, land lords and architects to ensure finish outs are a complete package

Eloy Construction


ECI has built relationships for many decades with city inspectors, permit review board officers as well as health inspectors and fire marshals given us an advantage during the permitting review processes.

ECI will support our clients in the permitting process; by bringing the plans to the city, assisting them during the review comments process and following up until drawings are approved.

Eloy Construction

Construction Management

ECI Project Managers have a solid background in project management, can provide project updates to clients as well as work towards a forecasted deadline.

Project Managers use state of the art software solutions to forecast project completions estimates, are accustom to provide weekly project updates with pictures and capture risk assessments .

ECi is recognized by all of our customers who have worked with us for decades on our strive to be the highest levels of customer service while completing job on time

Eloy Construction

Certificate of Occupancy

After more than 3 decades ECI is well known and recognized as one of the best built out/finish out company in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex as well as North Texas region.

One of the main advantages ECI has over all other built out companies is such we relay on our expertise and understanding of the business needs before our clients.  We have encounter restaurant, doctors, gymnasiums, yoga, clothing stores, phone stores, offices, warehouses and highly secure ranking officers