Juice Bar

Healthy Juices on the go

Developing the concept was an incredibly fun and creative process.

We wanted a place where people could get amazing juices, smoothies and food that tastes wonderful and just happens to be great for you, too!

We focus on creating the best flavors, using the highest quality ingredients and giving our customers awesome service! The wonderful nutritional benefits occur naturally from our choice of ingredients.

We are fast, too! Just pop in and grab any of our chef-created juices, smoothies, pressed juice, juice cleanses or healthy food and snacks.


ECI has built all 4 Juice Bars;  Inwood Village, Forest, NorthPark and Southlake.  All are unique yet they have the same feel and atmosphere no matter where you go.

ECI has worked close to 7 years with the owners and creators of JuiceBar and while demanding as all of our customers; they expect nothing but the best from our construction crew.  ECI has been able to complete all their stores with a minimal punch list and with a high level of satisfaction.